How to Use Color to Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Website

Use Color to Attract your Ideal Client -

The combination of colors you select for your website makes a nonverbal statement about you and your business, and are an essential element of your design. They can evoke the emotional response you wish your visitor or customer to experience. They can motivate engagement. Your choice of color can attract your ideal client or customer and can also take their attention to your site’s most important section or your call to action.

It’s fascinating how we have associated colors with different emotions. Many great visual artists have drawn their inspiration from Nature. Color is everywhere. Take note of the colors you are drawn to and the different color combinations you find appealing.

This list of emotions assigned to colors combines the symbolism from mostly Western cultural traditions. If your intention is to serve other cultures, you may choose to research the attributes given to colors in that country or region before planning to use them in your website design.

Ask yourself: “What responses will my ideal client will find most appealing? Which colors reflect my style and personality?”

Here are some ideas for you

the color red
RED denotes love, energy, excitement, immediate action, drama, passion, sexuality.

The Color Red -

the color pink
PINK signifies femininity, affection, feeling good, well-being, softness.

The Color Pink -

the color purple
PURPLE indicates spirituality, dignity, royalty, authority, inspiration, power.

The Color Purple -

the color blue
BLUE denotes honesty, relaxation, concentration, calm, peace.

The Color Blue - Tina

the color green
GREEN denotes nature, health, growth, freshness, freedom, wealth, stability.

The Color Green -

the color yellow
YELLOW denotes happiness, intellect, activity, alertness, communication.

The Color Yellow -

the color orange
ORANGE denotes vitality, creativity, activity, sunshine, warmth, focused energy, endurance.

Use Color to Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Website - The Color Orange -

the color white
WHITE denotes purity, spiritual strength, unity, harmony, perfection.

Use Color to Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Website - The Color White -

the color black
BLACK denotes power, elegance, protection, strength, impenetrability.

Use Color to Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Website - The Color Black -

the color brown
BROWN denotes earth, simplicity, security.

Use Color to Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Website - The Color Brown -

the color gold
GOLD denotes radiance, attractiveness, wealth, expansiveness.

Use Color to Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Website - The Color Brown -

the color silver
SILVER denotes charm, mystique, understanding.

Use Color to Attract Your Ideal Clients To Your Website - The Color Silver -

Which color are you attracted to? What feelings do you associate with that color? Does your culture associate different emotions and symbolism to colors? Love to hear the feelings and emotions you associate with different colors. Please add your comments and share if you found this post interesting.

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  1. thanks for the article that enables the readers to see in the colors much more than just the names of the paints.
    My Lithuanian-English hardens my talking plainly, but the short “I like it” will put everything clearly.
    You defined the colors so eloquently and pictorially. Best wishes and welcome to Art by Tomas

  2. Very interesting article which is useful for my studies.Since i was a kid i have always liked the colour blue.I find it so good.But can you really use it extensively if you want to build a website.I get the impression that the websites that are full of dark colours tend to scare people a bit.

    • Thank you Ndangariro for your comments. Yes, blue is a very popular color for websites and there are many shades if you’d prefer to avoid darker colors. You know, it all depends what it is you are promoting. Many musicians and artists select black backgrounds for their sites. What are you planning to promote on your site?

  3. Hi Tina, Nice presentation of colors and what they mean, I myself like the blue and purple the best., but I find all of them appealing. Thanks for sharing this very usefull information.

  4. Hi Tina,

    I’m one of those artists that has always preferred less white and more rich, dark, vibrant colors so I love the images you used to illustrate your ideas in this post!

    I use my favorite colors – purple, lime green, and black in my brand, which appear in my online books. But on my cooking, writing, and photography blog I use a lighter version of the 3 colors because of the photos and to make the text easier to read.

    Eventually, when I do my website that will feature the saturated shades that really represent my personality. I need to customize my sites to get the look I want but Typepad is somewhat limiting and so is my HTML knowledge 🙂 Thanks so much!


  5. Hey, Tina;

    This is a very cool post. I’ve always been fascinated by color…. So interesting how influenced we are by different shades and hues.

    Thanks for posting.


  6. Tina…thanks for chatting with me yesterday regarding this article. I am glad that with my web/blog black/white chalk board motif, I am moving in the right direction with the site as I make the transition into personal development life coaching and my book etc.

    I like your descriptions:

    White: purity, spiritual strength, unity, harmony, perfection

    Black: power, elegance, protection, strength, impenetrability

    Both very strong messages and look that I was looking for 🙂

    • Hi Renee, very mystical colors and so appropriate for your Tarot Card readings. Would love to see your photo too. Thanks for stopping by.