Create a Website your Visitors and Prospects Will Find Useful (and Attractive)

Create a Website your Visitors and Prospects Will Find Useful (and Attractive)-TinaCook.tvThe huge benefits of creating a website that is useful and just-what-your-prospects-are-looking-for seem so obvious yet it’s often not the first priority of most busy small business owners and entrepreneurs. As their attention may not be on the ever-changing online trends, they need to rely on savvy web designers and online marketing consultants to give them the top advice to ensure they take full advantage of the opportunities online. Often the shifts are small and subtle and simple. But if you aren’t watching the ball you’ll miss the catch.

Some may also still be attached to the past when websites were merely online brochures or were all about you rather than how best to serve your prospects and clients. Occasionally web designers get carried away with what they love the most – the design – yes we have all been guilty of giving too much attention to the look instead of prioritizing the content and our web surfer’s needs and expectations.

So how do we find a successful mix of being visually attractive and incredibly relevant?

Jump into the shoes of you web surfing prospect

The first gear shift to make is to jump into the shoes of your web surfing prospect and think like your client or customer-to-be.

Ask yourself:

“When my prospect goes to Google what do they type in the search box?”

“What information are they looking for?”

Focus your content on the needs of the clients and customers you wish to attract and serve.

Here’s some ideas to help you follow the footprints of your target market and find the clues to make your content relevant:

Tune into their

1. Listen

Tune into their wavelength. When you hear the same question a few times from your customers – a beep, beep, beep should go off! Write the question down. It’s a fabulous opportunity for you to get writing and answer in your next blog post. Many more of your prospects will have the same question.

Or if they are looking for a resource, add it to your resource page.

For example, my clients asked what the advantages were of choosing WordPress for their website so I wrote a post on that exact topic.

Most of the entrepreneurs I serve haven’t mastered PhotoShop so I researched free photo editors for them and added this resource to the “Tools” section of my website. There are so many amazing resources online and many are free. You can assist your customers by testing them out and finding the ones that work the best. This will save them valuable time and they will really appreciate you.

Ask your visitors what they need help with the most-TinaCook.tv2. Ask

Set up a poll or a survey on your website and ask your visitors what they need help with the most?

There are WordPress plugins that make setting up a poll on your site a breeze. One I like is WP-Polls.

Set up a poll or a survey on your

The online survey service SurveyMonkey (there are others) has a free version to you can try out. This is very powerful and useful for more detailed surveys and the results are collated in a format that is easy to assess. You can also embed the survey on your website which is always a better option than taking your visitor off your site.

People are searching online for solutions and information 24/7. Create a website that helps the people you wish to serve solve their problems and you will be rewarded with loyal clients (not to mention more tweets and likes) – all leading to increased business for you.

Do you have a story to share in the comments of how you heard your clients’ questions and acted?

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