How To Publish Your First WordPress Post

How To Publish Your First WordPress Post

It’s an exciting day when you are ready to write your first post on your new website! Every great journey starts with the first step.  I’m going to walk you through how to add new content to your blog on your WordPress website. There’s a difference between posts and pages as I’ve pointed out previously yet the process of adding content to posts and pages

10 Top Social Media Marketing Quotes

Social Media Quote by Gary Vaynerchuk

We are very blessed to have great marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, David Meerman Scott and Jay Baer to mention a few, share their insights so freely and so succinctly. There are vast volumes of information available online to guide and inform you. I picked these ten nuggets because I consider they hold the core, the essence of how to be successful online using the

The Art of Getting More Retweets

The Art of Getting More Retweets

Or Make It Easy To Retweet You! Retweets on Twitter are not only a compliment, they wing your messages to new streams of users who may want more and click the follow button so you increase your digital reach and visibility. Retweets give you instant feedback: when you are retweeted that’s the sign your followers are finding your content worthwhile. Getting more retweets is an

Take A Fresh Look At The Home Page Of Your Website Through A New Filter

New Eyes Create New Opportunities

“The real voyage in discovery is not seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes.” ~ Marcel Proust Social Media and our new online world of inter-connectivity integrates our personal and professional lives whether we like it or not. I love it! Do you? The merging of our work and play, online and offline worlds in the 21st century is a new fascinating choreography for

Which Video Camera Should I Buy?

Which Video Camera?

Want to make a video for your website, like many of my speaking coach clients that have a message they can’t wait to share with the world? The next comment they usually make is about the expense: “Well, I’ll need to budget for that. Right?” “Not necessarily” I reply. At this point I’m usually pretty excited to dispel the barrier and myth that making videos

Respect Other’s Creativity And Keep Your YouTube Account

Respect Other’s Creativity And Keep Your YouTube Account

YouTube is the second biggest search engine online. You really need to be creating videos to share your expertise or demonstrate all the ways your products can solve problems for your clients and customers. You don’t want to risk YouTube shutting your account down and this incredible (and free) channel to your target market. Do you need more incentives to respect other’s creativity and copyright?

The Science of Getting More Clicks on Twitter

The Science of Getting More Clicks on Twitter

Just enjoyed a great webinar and Twitter Chat hosted by Dan Zarrella, the Social Media Scientist at HubSpot. Dan gave us excellent insights based on his extensive research. Here’s some tweet-aways from the Twitter Chat: Listening to @danzarrella the Social Media Scientist. Revealing the stats he’s collected over years. #SciChat — Tina Cook(@TinaCook) May 3, 2013   I’m looking at RetweetLab, as mentioned by @danzarrella

Wishing You The Happiest of Holidays 2012

Wishing you the Happiest of Holidays! However you choose to spend the next few days, may you be happy and enjoy each moment. Thank you for your likes, retweets, and hitting the Google+ button. Greatly appreciate my stunning clients and all the exciting work we have achieved this year. Wishing you many more successes, fulfillment and vibrant, good health all the coming days of 2013!

Drum Roll for Release of WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5

The brilliant WordPress wizards have pipped Santa to bring us a bright bundle of new toys just in time for the Holidays! The new WordPress 3.5 was released last week and nicknamed “Elvin” in honor of drummer Elvin Jones. Topping the list of the new version of the blogging platform’s goodies is the new media manager which makes uploading images much smoother. Media galleries are

Create a Website your Visitors and Prospects Will Find Useful (and Attractive)

Create a Website your Visitors and Prospects Will Find

The huge benefits of creating a website that is useful and just-what-your-prospects-are-looking-for seem so obvious yet it’s often not the first priority of most busy small business owners and entrepreneurs. As their attention may not be on the ever-changing online trends, they need to rely on savvy web designers and online marketing consultants to give them the top advice to ensure they take full advantage